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Royalty free photo galleries

High resolution pictures with no watermarks!

The idea of Open Galleries project is very simple, build and maintain an on-line photography archive available for everyone for free.

If you wish to contribute either by sharing your photos with us or by giving us ideas to make the site better, dont hesitate and email us! Same applies if you need larger versions of our photos - most of our original fotos have larger resolutions, somewhere between 5 and 10 MegaPixels.

If you happen to publish our photos on-line consider including a link back to www.OpenGalleries.org. With this simple gesture you would be helping us in the task of spreading the word about the site. Thanks so much :)

As to copyrights it couldnt be simpler, all the photos published in Open Galleries are 100% free! And yes, by free we mean free as in free beer, no tricks and no small letters! In other words, we grant everyone a non-exclusive free license to download, modify and reproduce any photo from our galleries.

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